About Us

Joyous Creations & Co. was created with the intention to provide healthy organic products that can be used for all skin types. As a black woman with very sensitive skin, the founder of Joyous Creations & Co. Joy Lewis often broke out in hives or bad rashes from using various skincare products that always ending up having the opposite affect they claimed they’d have. From moisturizer to deodorant, she grew frustrated of not being able to find products she could use on her skin without the harsh fragrances, dyes and chemicals included in them. She thought "I'm sure I can't be the only person with this issue!". So it was important when birthing Joyous Creations & Co., that all of the products are organic/vegan, plant based, naturally fragranced, and cruelty, paraben free.

Joyous Creations & Co. was also created on the basis that as within so without & happiness is cultivated from within. So the more we take care of our inside the healthier & happier we are on the outside. Simply having pride in your self care and giving yourself love through your everyday hygiene and skincare is a great way to build self love, true happiness/inner peace and an overall confidence. Our hope is that you can find a love for self and overall happiness from within by simply through using our products.